Knowing your Employees are safe shouldn’t cost you an Arm or a Leg!

At AlwaysOnGuard (AOG), we designed our work alone monitor system to be user friendly, easy to use and cost effective.

Designed by an active service company for use with their employee’s, AlwaysOnGuard came to be a simple system for any company to use. Additionally, there are no set-up charges or fees.

AOG keeps track of all people registered under your account, effectively 24/7. By means of a simple text message, or through a web app on a smart phone, it’s just that simple.

Any worker of subcontractor set up on your AOG account simply texts “In” or “Out” to a specific number solely dedicated to your company. Or select “In “or”Out” from the smart phone app.

Based on your alert settings, the system will automatically prompt the employee(s) to check in at pre-determined times as set by you. If an employee fails to check in, AOG begins a sequence of calling the employee, and notifying the Safety Monitors (you designate and set up) of a potential emergency situation. Through the Dashboard, accessible from any browser, the safety Monitor has access to the employee’s personal information, and last known location.

AOG will continue to try and reach the employee even after the monitors have been notified and until the situation is neutralized. All activity is logged and can be downloaded or printed.


Personnel selected by you to be administrators will have access to all set-up and configuration within your AOG System. It’s recommended to try and keep these to a minimum.

Administrators can Add, Edit, Delete information within the system, in addition, all alerts and configurable check-in times can me managed.

If you require assistance through the set-up process, or managing the system, AOG is here to help at any time.


Each employee will have their own personal account within your AOG account to allow them to log in. Although check in can be done from any device connected to the cellular network or internet, it is recommend that the use of the Smart Phone is optimal.

Simply use the Web App to check in at shift start, check in as required throughout your shift as prompted by AOG, and then check out when your shift is complete. AOG does the rest… SIMPLE!

If at any time you are in Distress, simply press the SOS button and the Safety Monitors will respond promptly.

Safety Monitors

As a designated Safety Monitor, you have access to the AOG Dashboard from any device that can connect to the internet. Simply log in anytime to view the status of all employees logged in and working alone.

In a Worker Distress situation, or a failed check in, the dashboard will provide you the last location of the check-in of the employee, provide you the GPS location, and by opening their personal file, will give you access to any medical condition they may have.

It’s a good idea to have an emergency action plan well in advance of any potential incident.