Get alerts on missed check-ins

Get alerts by SMS, voice, and email when an employee has missed their scheduled check-in. This allows you to constantly monitor the status of your solo workers.

User friendly & fully customizable

The web application is extremely user friendly and is fully customizeable. You have complete control over the frequency of your employees check-ins and you have complete control over the messages sent.

Monitor status 24/7

Managers, supervisors or anyone you choose get immediate notifications via SMS, Phone or Email in the event of a missed check in or an emergency situation. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Easy SMS check in

Checking in and out is as easy as sending a text message to our system. Or your workers can check in or out with our user friendly mobile application.

Fully customizable

Setup your own check-in schedules, customize your alert messages, send notifications to anyone you choose, choose between email, SMS, or phone call alerts, multi level user access.