What are Lone Workers and Safety Monitors?

Lone Workers are your employees or sub-contractors who are part of your team who work alone or in isolation. Working alone or in isolation means anyone doing any job, including travelling or working late without supervision and by them self.

Safety Monitor(s) are people you assign to be alerted if a lone worker misses a check-in or sends a SOS alert. The Safety monitor(s) are anyone competent that you assign to the task of ensuring the lone worker is monitored while working alone.

Do I have to have to sit in front of a computer screen all day if I'm a monitor?

No, Safety Monitors do have access to a webpage dashboard that provides them up-to-date information about each Lone Worker. However, alerts from Lone Workers are sent to each Safety Monitor via text message or telephone, so Safety Monitors are free to continue their day to day functions knowing that they have the ability to ensure their Lone Workers are safe.

How does a Lone Worker check in?

Lone Workers check in using a simple phone app, or text message from their cellular telephones. There is no need for any special hardware or additional devices.

What if I go out of cell phone coverage?

If you have to go outside of cellular coverage, you can use Wi-Fi if available.

Can I set or change the frequency of check-in for each worker?

Yes, you have full control through the AOG Dashboard to manage check-in intervals.

Can I change when a monitor receives an alert?

Yes, you have full control through the AOG Dashboard to manage alert schedules.

Are we allowed more than one monitor?

Yes, you can set up as many Safety Monitors as you require ensuring the safety of your Lone Workers. On an alert from a Lone Worker, all Safety Monitors will be alerted, the first to respond will be the Safety Monitor of record and will follow through until the Lone Workers safety is no longer in jeopardy.

What is live monitoring?

AOG uses cloud based software to continually monitor all Lone Workers logged into the system 24/7. All Safety Monitors and management have the ability to view the live monitoring through the AOG Dashboard from any PC, Tablet, or Smart Phone the status of all Lone Workers.

What is an escalation procedure?

An escalation procedure is the action plan for the Safety Monitor when there is a failed check-in. The procedure is a plan you as a company develop to handle your emergencies. Our Flow Chart will give you an idea of an Escalation Plan.

What devices can be used?

Any cellular phone with text messaging, or Wi-Fi devise can be used. We do however recommend a Cellular Smart Phone for the Lone Workers.

Does AOG keep information log files?

Yes, all activity is logged from the moment the Lone Worker checks in until they check out. In case of an Alert, the Safety Monitor assigned and activity is logged as well to ensure there is a clear and concise log of activity from beginning to end.

Is there any Limitation on AOG Service?

Yes, AOG works anywhere there is a cellular phone network, or an internet connection.

Is there a limit on Lone Workers or Safety Monitors?

No, there is no limit to the number of people.

Who can access to the website dashboard?

You can assign access and specific access rights, (Admin, Management, Safety Monitor, Worker) to anyone you chose.

How much does it cost?

Monthly subscriptions for the Always On Guard system are available depending on the number of Lone Workers you monitor. Starting as low as $15.00 per month. We will be happy to quote on your requirements.

Is there a fee for the app?

No, the app is free to use with a paid subscription.

How is payment made?

Payments are made by credit card through our secure payment gateway. Subscription fees are taken on the first of each calendar month. Alternatively you may pay in advance with a corporate cheque.

How long in my contract?

There is no contract, your subscription will automatically renew each month.